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Indian Law Firm

Indian Law Firm

Updated on Wednesday 15th September 2021

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and this characteristic is one that makes the country attractive for investors and entrepreneurs in virtually all of the important business sectors. 
Working with an experienced law firm in India can prove to be beneficial for the business expansion process as well as the actual company incorporation. First-time investors in India will encounter a wide range of business challenges and our team of legal advisory specialists can help entrepreneurs enter the Indian business market and handle all of the needed company formation processes. Our firm’s lawyers are experienced in a wide range of legal sectors, from business incorporation and dissolution, intellectual property laws, taxation, employment, immigration, and family law as well as debt collection and alternative dispute resolution methods.
Residents, as well as non-residents, can rely on our experienced team of lawyers in India in all matters related to legal representation, legal counseling, and assistance.

Legal services for companies offered in India

The list below includes our main types of legal services, oriented towards corporate and business needs as well as foreign investments:
  • Company formation: we provide complete services for company incorporation in India, including drafting the company documentation, registering the business as well as corporate restructuring and mergers. 
  • Company liquidation: closing a company can be a complex process that will require due diligence and attention to satisfying the creditor’s needs; our team of lawyers can help you.
  • Business licensing: obtaining the various licenses for companies in India is a process that can be assisted by our attorneys in India.
  • Taxation: specialized counseling on all matters related to tax planning, tax laws and double tax relief in India.
Our services are tailored to the need of our clients. We approach each case with the complete understanding that the legal solutions will depend on the size of the company, the industry in which it activates, as well as a number of other factors. We strive to provide solutions while at the same time the company maintains its complete business operations in the Indian city in which it activates.
Our attorneys in India understand very well the necessity of debt collection. In India, the practice cam seem difficult for foreign investors who are met with the language barrier and perhaps, in some cases, with cultural differences when attempting to collect undue payments. Our English-speaking team is ready to offer effective solutions in all cases involving debt collection and will provide out-of-court collection solutions as often as possible.
When doing business in India, entrepreneurs will need to make decisions concerning employment and the management of their human resources. Working with our team of lawyers can be helpful in many types of cases, such as employee disputes, questions about the rights and the benefits of employees as well as dismissals. We can also provide complete information on taxation issues concerning employment.
In some cases, investors may need professional advice concerning mergers and acquisitions in India. When this is the case, our Indian law firm can offer the needed assistance and our experts will answer the needed questions as well as assist during the process, as needed. multinational companies that wish to enter the large internal market, as well as international investors who are interested in entering into transactions in various industries can rely on our expert assistance. We offer services in situations concerning the acquisition of shares, buy-outs, restructuring (capital and debt restructuring) as well as many more. Our clients benefit from complete assistance and advice, and we also offer solutions related to reaching convenient terms for the treatment of employees after a company merger.
Our intellectual property lawyers in India can advise investors who wish to protect their trademarks. We offer complete legal counsel on the Indian intellectual property system and laws and assist local and foreign nationals who wish to submit an application for the registration of patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names and many more. Additionally, we represent clients who wish to make a trademark opposition or who are involved in an infringement dispute.


Litigation in India

Our team of Indian lawyers offers a wide range of quality legal services, tailored to the needs of the clients, both individuals, and corporations. Our experience recommends us in all areas related to business issues as well as litigation in India. 
Our lawyers have experience both in court litigation but also in arbitration and mediation as well as negotiations. The right solution for dispute resolution is case-oriented, with a keen emphasis on the needs of the client. Our attorneys and legal advisers can represent clients in all types of corporate and commercial litigation.
Our full-service Indian law firm activates in a wide range of business sectors and we are able to advise clients on all relevant laws in India. Together with our team, you will be able to discover the most suitable legal solutions for general corporate and commercial issues, those related to foreign investment or various disputes and claims. Between them, our lawyers in India have worked for clients in the banking and finance sectors, the manufacturing and energy sectors, the information technology sector, hospitality and tourism, real estate and others.

Real estate legal services

Purchasing a property in India, as a natural or legal person, is much easier with the help of a dedicated team of professionals. Language and law issues can hinder the process in some cases, however, our lawyers offer assistance from the earliest stages of the real estate transaction and until its completion.
We work with clients who are interested in purchasing residential as well as commercial real estate. We help companies, investors, individuals, construction companies, owners and lenders alike and we offer complete support and information concerning various issues and regulations. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you.

Legal assistance for individuals

Part of our practice focuses on individual services. Our law firm in India can help you with:
  1. Immigration: we help those interested obtain a visa, apply for residence permits and, as needed, obtain residency in India;
  2. Employment: if you have questions concerning unfair dismissal, the contents of an employment agreement or are interested in knowing more about your rights, our attorneys can answer your questions;
  3. Family: divorce and inheritance matters are two common Family Law matters that are considerately handled by our team of experienced lawyers;
  4. Others: we can also help those who are interested in buying a home in an Indian city, as well as employees who wish to know more about personal taxation in the country.
Clients appreciate our practical and effective legal services. We provide client-oriented legal services and our attorneys have the needed experience to handle each case according to its particularities and with attention to the corporate compliance needs.

India at a glance

In August 2021, India celebrated its 75th Independence Day. Our team of lawyers highlights some facts and figures about this country below:
  • India is the 7th largest country in the world and also one of the most ancient civilizations;
  • the estimated population in 2020 (according to UN data) was of 1,380,004,385 people; approximately 35% of the population is urban;
  • India’s population represents 17.7% of the total world population;
  • Mumbai is the most densely populated city in the country, with an estimated population of 12,691,836 individuals;
  • Indian Railways is the largest employer in the company; more than 1 million people work for this company;
  • the name of the country is derived from the River Indus.
We are here to assist you and provide additional details about our services. Please contact our Indian law firm for more information and personalized advice.